Three People Jump Out Of A Sinking Canoe

AFVVirals Published June 15, 2018 1 Plays

Rumble If you have never tried canoeing or any other kind of boating before, make sure you do the first time you get the chance! It’s one of the most amusing things I have ever done, and I highly recommend it! Just don’t forget to double-check all the gear and of course your canoe! You won’t waste much time, and you’ll make sure that an accident like the one in this video doesn’t happen to you too unless you are super adventures person who loves surprises and unexcepted events! LOL! This video shows a group of three people, two men and a woman, who are heading for an adventure in a canoe. The men are paddling, and the woman is just enjoying the ride, but only until their canoe began to sink! When the water started to rush in, they freak out and jump off their little both and continue swimming and pushing the canoe. LOL!