Guilty Dogs Plead Not Guilty

Published June 15, 2018 284 Views

Rumble Every time I leave my dog home alone, there’s a good chance that something “unexpected” will happen. A thing or two can get broken, or at least bitten and chewed on. That’s why I try to limit his walking spaces by using the indoor dog fences, and still, that’s not the real guarantee that he will not find his way out! But I had never come home and discovered anything like this! This video is made by a proud owner of two Schnauzer dogs, who are absolutely adorable and very energetic! She films the damage in her bedroom and bathroom after her dogs were left alone with the bedroom door open. But when she turns to her pups and ask who did all that, both of them plead not guilty! One of them runs under a bed, while the other sits in his cage and avoids eyes contact! LOL! Not guilty? Really?