Jack Russell Terrier Dog Gets Pranked By Her Human Friends

Published June 15, 2018 14 Views

Rumble I just love funny videos, but my personal favorites are those with the dogs! They are absolutely the best! They never fail to make me laugh out loud and put me in my top mood. Just take a look at this one, and you’ll see what I mean. It’s so hilarious that you really have to check it out now! This video shows an adorable Jack Russell Terrier dog who sleeps on the ground outdoors on a beautiful sunny day. His human friend sees his from a distance and decides to pull a prank on her. He sneaks up to her and barks to scare her awake. OMG, you simply have to see her reaction! The dog jumps up in panic and runs away as fast as she can. But when she stops and turn back, she realizes that there’s only her human friend there and runs back to him waving the tail! LOL!