Fisherman Pulls His Friend's Fishing Pole To Make Him Believe He Has A Catch

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Published: June 14, 2018

There is not a person in this world who does not relish a good fishing story, but how do you distinguish true legends from the massive heap soaring in the heavens higher than the load of fish (one, actually) you managed to catch that day? You literally fish for the truthfully unbelievable tails, like the one about the man who got his hands on a shark that weighed 1,600 pounds in the Bahamas using nothing but the anchor of his tiny boat. Or you could fill your basket with testimonies of remarkable anglers, from the Chinese people who used cormorants for fishing to stilt fishermen in Sri Lanka. At the end of the day, the only legends that are worthy to be deemed true are those whose tales allured the great fishermen of today to take up the sport and still continue to inspire them: the fisherman’s fisherman. Many lovers of fishing and the sea have truly excelled in what they do both in and out of the boat, but the perception that angling parties do tell tales full of imaginary feats will forever cloud our vision, hindering us from distinguishing what is possible from what, clearly, is not.

Now, folks, you all gather around the skillet while we fry up a mess of a fishing tale.

Once upon a time, there lived three friends. All were crazy about fishing. They would rise up early in the morning, go to the sea, and after waiting on the hot sun all until high noon they would return home with baskets brimming with fresh wiggling fish. Concord and harmony ruled their friendship and everything they would do they would do together. The only thing that set these friends apart was fishing: they would never go together and fish as a group, they would never throw their baits in the same place, they would never even say “hello” or “good morning” if they chanced to see one another when setting off to catch their precious little fish. The only thing that was allowed to talk about was who was better at fishing, and secretly, they were jealous of each other’s skills.

One day, they decided to settle this matter once and for all and took out their boat to the open sea. It was an early June morning and the weather was perfect. They were twirling their bait high in the air, slow fishing for pleasure and fun, but, deep down inside, each of them wanted to be the best fisherman between them. Truth be told, one of the friends just did not have Lady Luck sitting on his shoulder that day. The two other friends did far better and were so assured in their victory that they took the boat for a little bottom fishing.

But, the first friend was lagging behind even there. To play a prank on the unlucky guy, one of the men moved the grip of his fishing pole, to make him believe it is a big fish pulling from below the surface. The unlucky guy pooled and pooled but nothing came up. Awakened by the cruel prank Lady Luck awoke and soon bestowed more fish in our hero’s basket than the other two could even imagine catching. Now, this is poetic justice for you!

If you believe this is just another fishing story, take a look at the video and see it for yourself!

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