Dozens Of Seagulls Desperately Attempt To Eat Fries Through Car's Windshield

ViralHog Published June 14, 2018 1,490 Plays $2.91 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdA hilarious video has emerged featuring a pair of seagulls trying to make a contact with their food through a car windshield. The glass reflections confused these greedy birds who were desperately trying to snack on the delicious fries lying on the other side of the glass. How funny is that?

Footage, filmed on June 10, 2018 in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia, shows the funny moment when a pair of seagulls gathers for a feast on car’s windshield, and continuously tries to grab something to eat. The filmmaker is sitting inside the car and throwing hot fries on car’s dashboard, making the seagulls go nuts at it, constantly fighting over the unreachable food.

This video was taken at Gosford Waterfront when a group of seagulls jumped on the bonnet of these people’s car in an attempt to get their lunch. Moments later, filmmaker started teasing the birds by throwing them fries at the dashboard, leaving them in mild confusion when they just couldn't get it. Cuteness overload!

Both glass and mirrors can be pretty confusing to animals! Is that a new friend on the other side, or is it me? So, when over a dozen seagulls spotted food through a windshield of a car, they immediately tried to grab the good looking piece of lunch standing in front of them, but the problem was that they couldn’t seem to quite reach it no matter how hard they quacked and picked with their beaks! Hilarious!

It's safe to say that we have all been here before. Whether it's walking into a screen door, or pushing on a pull door, we've had our days of shame! It's only natural that on occasions we are dazzled and confused by something and naturally we try to figure out what that really is. Same goes for these hilarious seagulls who tried their best to feed on the fries lying on the other side of a car’s windshield! Too funny!

There is nothing more adorable than animals reacting to their reflexion in the mirror or in the glass! In this adorable clip, we witness the hilarious moment when over a dozen of hungry seagulls gather on the bonnet of a car, and were hopelessly trying to reach to the delicious food. Watch as they repeatedly try to reach the fries, giving themselves nice headbangs over and over again!

We can only imagine what these ignorant people were thinking when they started feeding over dozen of birds through the windshield of their car, when they knew that the entire thing might result in a disaster, given the fact that bird’s beaks are strong and every poke might break the front glass.

Immediately after noticing the lying fries in front of them, the overly confused seagulls attack their reflection in the windshield, again and again, failing every time they try to get a bite to eat! Frustrated animals sometimes do hilarious things, resulting in a hysterical moment that is probably caught on video. Enjoy! So close yet so far away!

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