Young Girl Gives Dad A Beautiful Makeover

Published June 14, 2018 29,736 Plays

Rumble If you ask any little girl about her favorite game, be sure that most of them will tell you about giving makeovers to their dads. LOL! And the little girl from this video agrees for sure! You absolutely have to check out this hilarious video! As the clip begins, you can see this little girl’s dad sitting on a couch with a full face of makeup and wearing a sparkling tiara on his head. OMG! This is one of the coolest Dad makeovers I have ever seen! The little girl’s mom comes along to check out the aftermath and you can tell that she’s really impressed! She asks her husband whether he feels beautiful and he answers that he feels like a new woman! LOL! So funny! She even makes a suggestion for the girl to give her dad makeovers every day! I’m really not sure whether the poor dad is up for it. LOL!