Mom Pulls Little Boy Down A Slide Onto His Face

AFVVirals Published June 14, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble A playground is the best place for the whole family to have some afternoon fun. And that’s exactly what mom and son from this video had in mind. This video shows the playground adventures of a woman and a little boy and it’s too funny to handle! As the clip begins, you are presented with a scene of a cool mom and her son who decided to have some fun on the slides together! Yay! That sound so exciting! In the beginning, you can see both mom and the little boy sitting on top of a slide each and holding hands. They start sliding down together, but then, something hilarious happens. Mom slides down a lot faster than the boy and pulls him down onto his face. LOL! Nobody saw that coming! And the best thing about this video is the fact that it offers you a slow motion experience of this hilarious event! It’ll make you laugh out loud, that’s for sure!