Dog rescued from awful conditions loves agility course

Published June 13, 2018 1,978 Views $0.68 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesSadie is one of the most special dogs to reside at the Dogs Deserve Better Rehabilitation Facility in Smithfield, VA. She was found in a man made enclosure, built from solid cinder blocks. She could see nothing, but hear everything. A dogs sense of smell and sound are much more intense than ours; the world was going on around her and she was incapable of interacting with it at all. Isn't that enough to drive any creature insane?

Sadie's caretakers work with her in all the ways we know how and do their best to give her what she needs to grow and become the best version of herself. She will always be a little damaged by her past, but she finds so much joy in the world now. Her over excitable tendencies make her difficult at times, but they have come to find that giving her a job, like this homemade agility course, she is able to channel her energy (physically and mentally) properly. She is a beacon of light in a dark place, the world is her playground now and we would never try to change her.