Interesting Idea For Using Chickens As Insect-Repellents

Published June 13, 2018 165 Views $0.24 earned

Rumble / Funny & WeirdChickens can be trained. Their eyesight is keen and they are extremely motivated by a desire to eat. By training your chickens, you can have them come to you whenever you like, and generally have them respond and behave for you as you wish. If you choose not to train your chickens, it’s perfectly reasonable, however they might be disobedient. There are many videos of people training their chcickens to run obstacle courses or solving puzzle games. Training chickens is just like training a dog with a clicker. You need them to associate a sound with a reaction from them which garners a positive reward. Ok, this is all too serious, training chickens and all. One thing is to train your chicken to obey your orders, another thing is to train your chicken to serve as an insect-repellent. Sounds crazy, right?

Well, a video has emerged from a guy and his chicken and here is what he says: “You know what I hate? Spiders… and mosquitoes but I don’t like all those sprays, lime citronellol that make you look like a racist, so I invented an eco-friendly, race neutral mosquito and spider repellent. It’s called a chicken. This is my new invention. Ok, a chicken can take out any airborne insect flying around your skull inside one and a half foot radius. If they bite you on your leg, just drop them on the ground, chicken don’t care, right chicken? Get ‘em chicken, bite ‘em, that’s right.” You see, he sounds dead serious. He is not joking, just look at his face! And the tone of his voice, you can’t mess with a man on a creative mission. This is an emerging idea, new one, fresh one, which we are sure he will succeed developing it. If this guy gets to the stage where he can be actually seen flying around with his chicken terminating the life of insects, he may even make some online tutorials for the wide public to learn. His invention will be one of its kind but undoubtedly very useful. Let this man inspire you!

We all love watching our chickens’ antics. If we could, we’d pop some corn, pull up a chair and watch their entertaining escapades for hours on end. Despite their droll shenanigans, your chicks aren’t birdbrains. Their capacity to learn and remember behaviors is quite astonishing. Whether you want to train your flocks to come when called or teach them a sensational stunt, it takes only a little time and patience, plus a tasty treat as a reward. Not sure what to teach your birds? This video explores the brilliant idea described above, it is just a question of time when is it going to be mastered by this shrewd bird.

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