Pastor Walks Out On Wedding After He Realizes This Illegal Immigrant Bridegroom's Plan

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Published: June 13, 2018

I strongly support the pastor. They are not rubber stamps. They have a duty before God to counsel the couple before marriage and where they are not satisfied, can refuse to wed them even on the wedding day. 

If pastors will start assuming this responsibility they have towards the holiness of matrimony, many people today who have no business being even friends, talkless of being married which end up in divorce will be saved from it. 

I have a friend today who cries in regrets anytime he laments his marriage. An almost 40-year-old man shedding tears like a baby. He still confesses that if he ever saw his current experience then, he would have walked away at the altar. Won't such a guy be happy if it was his wedding this pastor walked out on? 

Please, any pastor out there who sees clear signs that the union won't work and thus lead to more divorce, should call it off or walk away and absolve himself of any punishment from God whom He is representing.

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