Little Boy Cheats While Playing Golf

Published June 13, 2018 5 Plays

Rumble Golf is such an awesome sport and you can have the best time playing it even if you don’t follow any of the rules! If you don’t believe me, just check out this funny video. It shows a toddler boy’s adventures on a golf course and it’s too funny to handle! As the clip begins, you can see an adorable tot boy having the best time playing golf on a beautiful sunny day. He’s kind of playing golf, but he’s really not following any of the rules of this sport. LOL! You can tell that he’s really enjoying his own version of it. He just can’t get the ball into the hole when he hits it with his pole, so he decides to try and to it another way. He picks up the ball with his hand and carries it to the hole! Yay! He did it! It doesn’t matter that he cheated a little. It’s all good fun after all!