Little Boy Tries To Do Flips on Trampoline But Fail

AFVVirals Published June 13, 2018 99 Plays

Rumble Jumping on a trampoline is such amazing fun, and I absolutely love it! My family has a big outdoor trampoline in our backyard, and every time I visit my mom and dad I cannot resist it! I simply have to spend there at least a half an hour! LOL! But, every time my mom sees me, she always says “Please, be careful, my dear! You know how easy it is to hurt yourself on that thing!” And you know what, she is right! Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see how tricky it can be! It shows an adorable tot boy who is having so much fun jumping on a huge indoor trampoline, but when he tries to do a flip, he fails to make the full circles and falls down right on his face! OMG, what a nasty fall that was! Fortunately, he didn’t hurt himself, but I can see my mother’s point now!