This Amazing Woman Gave Birth And Still Found The Time To Prank Her Husband

AFVViralsPublished: June 13, 2018
Published: June 13, 2018

Most women feel tired after giving birth. But not this one! Seems like she got energized by becoming a mom. And was turned into a trolling queen! LOL! Just watch this video, I promise you will laugh like you never laughed before!
As the video starts we see a bunch of people gathered around in a room of a nursing home. As he enters, his wife is giving him his little son Owen, who’s born other day. But the baby is too big for a newborn! AMAZING! He picks the baby up, but we see his confused by his size. And then everyone starts laughing. I, myself, was unable to keep myself composed by watching this. It’s just too funny. In the end, the real Owen comes and we see the first father-son Meetup. Simply adorable.

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