Adorable Baby Girl Pretends To Be Asleep

Published June 12, 2018 129 Plays

Rumble Babies are such hilarious little beings! You can never get sad or bored if there’s a baby around, that’s for sure! If you don’t believe me, you absolutely have to check out this cute video! Prepare to have your heart completely melted! As the clip begins, you can see an adorable baby girl all bundled up in her car seat. Her name is Claire, and she is too cute to handle! In the beginning, you may think that she’s asleep in her car seat, but you’ll be mistaken. She’s actually playing a game with her mom where mom tucks her in bed and she only pretends to fall asleep. Oh, how adorable is that? It’s a new way to play peek a boo! You just have to check out her precious little face as she pretends to be awake again! So adorable! I could watch her play this funny game the whole day long!