Tot Girl Fails In Being Careful

Published June 12, 2018 21 Views

Rumble Toddlers absolutely adore playgrounds. They could spend hours and hours having fun on slides and climbing constructions if only their parents let them. There are so many fun activities to choose from while you are on the playground. And the little girl from this video opted for a climbing construction. You just have to check out her hilarious adventures! As the clip begins, you can see this adorable tot girl standing on a climbing construction. You can tell that she’s really excited to be on the playground. Oh, how cute is this little girl? She’s full of promises to her dad that she won’t fall off the construction. She even says that she'll be careful. Oh, how cute is that? After she’s made sure that her dad believes her, she tries to squeeze through the construction and ends up falling over. Oh, no! She wasn’t really being careful after all! So funny!