Human skull falls from back of truck on highway

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Rumble / Weird MysteriesMotorists making their way to the cottage on a Saturday morning were shocked to see a very unusual object bounce out of the back of a truck as it merged onto the highway. A round, white ball hit the road and bounced along beside the truck and then down the middle of the highway. As the motorists caught up to the bouncing object, Kristy realized that it was what appeared to be a human skull. Surely, it had to be a plastic skull and not a real human skull, but it was completely unexpected and worthy of an exclamation of surprise.

Dave, who was driving, didn't believe what he had seen until Kristy remarked that the truck driver had just lost a skull out of the back. Dave then commented that the driver had lost his head. Kristy and Dave laughed in surprise at the humor and ridiculousness of what had just happened.

The dash cam in the vehicle picked up the odd event and zooming in on the footage later confirmed what they had seen. You can make out the jaw and the eyes as it bounces closer. The footage is slowed down in the second part of the video to make it more clear what it is.

Normally, seeing a skull bounce out of a truck would be a good reason to call police and have them investigate the matter to make sure that it wasn't actual human remains. In this case though, it seems very obvious that a skull made of bone would not stay in one piece as it bounced on the hard asphalt road. The lower jaw of a human skull is weakly attached in the absence of tendons and muscle. It would have been flapping open and certainly would have broken off on the first bounce. This couple didn't believe for more than a moment that they were seeing something that should be taken seriously and reported.

It's more likely that the truck driver had been cleaning out his garage and was making his way to the landfill, or else it was a bargain hunter coming from a yard sale with an unusual purchase for Halloween decorating.

Either way, this event provided Dave and Kristy with a good chuckle and some interesting conversation on their long drive to the family cottage.


  • ray1876, 1 year ago

    Didn't someone say heads will roll? Glad it wasn't serious.

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  • winkeldinkel, 1 year ago

    it's nothing to lose your head

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  • Idigy, 44 weeks ago

    Wow I'm glad it wasn't someone head that I knew. WOW!

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