Momma Black Bear And Her Cubs Play With The Backyard Hammock

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Published: June 11, 2018

No matter how hard we try, we just cannot seem to understand the fascination bears have with hammocks. Why is that?

Let’s be real, hammocks are hard to learn to use. And they were invented for sleeping and relaxation, imagine that! There are grown people who avoid them any way possible because no matter how hard they try, they just cannot seem to get inside! Hoisted between two verticals, you have to steady the fabric or netting in order to place your bum in the middle and surrender yourself to the bliss that comes with a hammock. Humans have trouble with hammocks, can you imagine what it must be for bears?

Four black bears stumbled across these folks’ backyard recently and instantly became fascinated with their large hammock. That thing can hold two humans, accent on “humans”. But the curious mom and her three naughty cubs wanted to see if maybe they can manage to get inside. In the end, how often do you visit your first neighbor’s backyard?

Momma Black Bear was the voice of reason in this entire charade. She tried to help one little cub up the unstable rocking net. What you see happening in front of your eyes is the process of learning through trial and error. Even though momma, just like a human mom would, was holding the hammock net and even lifting cub’s bum up to the swing, the baby bear just couldn’t control the eager movement of its limbs and failed and failed. She stood on one side of the hammock net, probably in the attempt to balance it, while the bear cub did its best shot to get on it. You know what happened? It actually managed in the end!

Sure, it overturned once or twice, but hey, it obviously had zero fear of the hammock! The two other cubs were running around, not as much interested in climbing in as in devastating all hopes of bro or sis to learn to use the swing. Many of the cub’s attempts were actually made futile by its siblings’ doings. The other two cubs just got bored of the hammock quickly and preferred to spend their outing in the neighbor’s backyard chasing and wrestling each other, under the watchful eye of Momma Black Bear, who had to mind not one, but three rascals in the same time!

This probably means that, no matter how big, a hammock is only good for an experienced user intended to rest, not steam off. Momma Black Bear knew that very well, and it seems she brought her cubs here with the sole intention for them to let some steam off, get well drained of energy and sleep better at night. What we got, as a result, is one of the sweetest videos of motherly love in the animal world, a footage very rarely captured.

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