Grateful Son Surprises Dad With The Car Of His Dreams

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Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesHere is one of those emotion-packed videos that might make you fight back your tears but at the same time restore your faith in humanity as a whole and really make your day. This is just your regular story of a grateful son who wants to pay back his dad for all he has done by giving him a special gift: the car of his dreams! The father's reaction is so touching that it's not possible to watch the video without at least a tiny emotional meltdown! So relax, take that precious cup of coffee and don’t miss a second of it!

We all have our parents, the people who have raised and made us what we are today. This guy decided to thank his father for everything he has given and made for him all his life. This son translated his gratitude to his father into a substantial and well-thought-of gift, something that the parent had long dreamed of having. Unfortunately, despite the fact that the man worked hard all his life, he could not collect the right amount to buy himself the car of his dreams. There were always more important and more pressing expenses that needed to be covered: diapers for his kid, college fees, etc. But now, his son is all grown up and perfectly capable to take over from where dad left off, to turn the tables around, and for a change, take care of the needs of the great figure in his life he simply calls “dad”. Now it was the time for the son to pay pack dad for all the good he has done.

This is why, this grateful son, one fine day, took his dad out to the luxury old car dealer shop. He had bought dad the car of his dreams, but the present was meant to be a surprise, so everybody at the car dealer’s was in on the game. The dad was traditionally so fascinated with the vehicle that he took out his camera to take a video and admire it later. Not even in his wildest dreams did the father think this car is finally in his property and instead of recording it on camera, he is supposed to be hitting the gas pedal and enjoying the ride.

The son has difficulty to awaken dad from the stupor he is in just by filming the car and show him the windshield notice: “To Dad from Eric.” First, there is a brief moment of hesitation, of unbelieving but then the dad gets it. Instant change of posture follows. Dad is on the brink of tears. This manly man is fighting them down, and with a great success, but this superpower is obviously compensated for another thing – he is so moved that he totally loses the power of speach.

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