Catfish Literally Climb Onto Land To Get Some Treats

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsMan landing on the Moon, or man soaring the skies, or even fish walking on land, oh, the fancies of days long gone! Yet, history and scientific development shows that these things turned out not to be so fanciful in the end. Man landed on the Moon in the middle of the last century, we are soaring the skies just for fun either with airplanes or with various flying gears and, the most interesting thing of it all – fish do walk on land, but our sciences were not developed enough to grasp all these facts.

There are several types of fish who are known to go out of water their natural habitat, and temporarily venture onto dry land. Why is this so amazing? Because, unlike us, who breathe on lungs, using the oxygen from the air, fish breathing apparatus can take in only that oxygen which is dispensed into water.

The strange mangrove killifish who lives in the flooded mangrove woods in Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America. They can change their gills just to live out, on land. They have to. When the water below the mangroves dries up, they have to adapt. They even leap onto the tree branches and wait until the water comes back.
The climbing Gouramis are decorative fish with a little-known ability to climb. They inhabit the waters in Africa and Southern Asia. Same as the mangrove killifish, the gouramis travel to the next water source if their own home dries out.

The most recent discovery is the climbing catfish. It is a member of the catfish family can actually grasp surface with their pelvic fin. In the video at the top of the page, taken at Kankaria Lake in India, you can see a school of catfish skillfully venturing out on land. Tourists are feeding the catfish with snacks and they, one by one, without waiting their turn, climb the stairs with the help of their muscular fins and a powerful swing on their tails and catch the pieces of food thrown at them. You must admit, it is a strange site to observe.

However, unlike the gourami, the mangrove killifish, and man’s concurring the air and the Moon, we must admit there is bountiful lore about walking catfish. Legends, fishermen and old wives tales are full of stories of magical catfish, which, eagerly waiting for dusk, slowly dive up from the murky depths of the lakes or rivers they inhabit during the day and swim out to the surface. In all that lore, catfish either go out to the fields and steal the crops or turn into their other selves – usually beautiful damsels or enchanted princes. Recent scientific discoveries prove these stories, even though product of the fanciful mind of the storyteller, do have a thread of fact upon which they are weaved.

What would do if you saw a fish go out on land? This is a real possibility if you happen to come across any of these fascinating creatures. Even though it might be hard to wrap your head around, this is no joke these amazing fish really do exist.

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