Colorblind husband sees color for the first time ever with Enchroma sunglasses!!!!

TheStewarts Published June 11, 2018

Rumble My husband, Mike, discovered he was colorblind at 16, when he went to do his driving test and failed the vision portion of the test. Prior to that he was always told he made "interesting color choices" or that he was just being stupid. He has Protanopia, a red-green colorblindness that makes his world very dull. He has never seen teal,turquoise, or fuschia before. Not to mention he is a professional painter.
It has been a dream of mine to have him see color the way most of us do.
Years ago my husband and I saw that Enchroma made glasses that allow colorblind people the chance to see color. For his 30th birthday we surprised him with his own.

*Since giving him the glasses, Mike is always in awe whenever he wears them. Asking me questions about what he sees and constantly saying "everything is so bright!" He can't believe that this is how the world truly looks.