Young Super Man In Action

Published June 11, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble There’s no kid who one time in their life didn’t want to have superpowers. I remember watching a cartoon when I was young with fairies and ponies and wanting to be the same as them. The kiddo from the video is no different. As the video starts, we see him explaining to us he has superpowers. He’s dressed in a Spider Man costume. LOL! And then, he shows us his superpowers. First in the line is super straight. and, oh boy, he flips his bed with ease! Then it’s super speed, and we see how fast he is! Then it’s the molecular kinesis! Wow! I really do admire his capabilities. In the end, he takes off his shirt and shows his muscles. Hilarious! He kisses his biceps and that’s where the video ends. This video is too funny!