Brave Filmer Takes An Up-Close Footage Of An Attacking Great White Shark

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Rumble / Wild WildlifeSharks have the most frightening-looking jaws in the animal kingdom. There is a large number of teeth packed on them, an unimaginable number of about 5 to 15 thousand! It is interesting that their teeth are actually modified scales, evolved in time into a tooth looking formation consisting of dentin and having small roots. Shark teeth are arranged in several rows and in a staggered order. The most rear row of teeth located in the depth of the shark’s mouth and are covered with a thin mucous layer. If the shark loses any of the front teeth, then the next row behind it is pushed forward and stands in the place of the lost tooth. This is a continuous process of “teeth recycling” in time - the whole set of teeth is replaced eventually.

The power of the shark's jaws is simply astonishing. And remember, they are made of only cartilage. Cartilage, unlike bone, is not as strong. Sharks spare their jaws, avoiding biting the bones of victims. But, if the teeth of the shark are not so famous for their durability, then they are as perfect as the ideal instruments of murder. Numerous, sharp as a razor, they are updated all shark life. This is why the image propelled in all the sequels of the movie “Jaws” will forever awaken that primordial fear in the spectator. Well, the filmer in the video on the top of the page was not that squeamish. He bravely set off just to make a short video of a Great White’s jaws!

Anthony Kobrowisky from Sea Candy Media was filming off the shark cage diving boat that he worked on in Gansbaai, South Africa. The shark breached extremely close to his camera, allowing him to capture the actual movement and power of the large great white shark's jaws and teeth. Please note that no one was in danger while filming this clip.

Modern white sharks lead a predominantly isolated way of life. Adult individuals can be found not only in the waters of the open ocean but also near the shoreline, where people are most likely to be found, in fact. As a rule, the shark tries to keep as close as possible to the surface and prefers warm or moderately warm ocean waters. This shark has large, powerful jaws equipped with one to two rows of very large and wide, triangular teeth. All teeth have jagged edges. These muscular jaws enable the water predator to bite off not only cartilaginous tissues without too much effort but also large enough bones of their prey. The filmer was just so darn lucky!

All of you who live near or visit shark-infested waters must remember that hungry white sharks are not particularly picky in choosing food and this is why videos like the one you had the chance to view at the top of the page are chilling but not completely showing unexpected events.

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