Super cute African penguins chill on woman's beach towel

Published June 11, 2018 1,919 Views

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhile in South Africa, this woman went to the beach and got to meet many cute penguins. She had the most unforgettable experience of her trip when she had the opportunity to see her favorite animal in person, the penguin. The experience became even more magical when a group of these funny birds came waddling up to her towel in the middle of a beach day. After spending several minutes exchanging pleasantries with the penguins camped out on her beach towel, the experience was punctuated with friendly goodbyes as the penguins went on their merry way.

Located near Cape Town, Simon’s Town is known for being home to a huge population of African Penguins. Many people flock to Boulder’s Beach, where they can view the penguins from the wooden boardwalk that overlooks the area’s beautiful beach. But, the real treat sits just down the road at Foxy Beach. At Foxy Beach, visitors can enjoy a beach day with these sweet creatures!

The woman was laying on her towel enjoying the sunshine and the beach day when a flock of penguins come running out of the water and onto her beach towel — completely stealing it from her!

The gentlemen in tuxedos prance around her beach towel for a few moments. They dance around and say hello before waddling to their next stop.

The penguins are hilarious and incredibly awkward on land, but when they reach the water, they are incredible swimmers and glide around like fish.

They don’t mind sharing their home with visitors, but make sure to give them ample space because they can be territorial and they do bite!

African Penguins are also called “black-footed penguins” for the obvious black feet. Additionally, they are called “jackass penguins” for the donkey-like call that is similar to the sound of South American penguins.

These penguins are so cute, and visiting them at Foxy Beach is such a fun way to spend an afternoon beach day! This will undoubtedly be a highlight of this girl’s round-the-world (RTW) trip!