Jealous Husky Refuses To Let Owner Pet Cat

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThose who own more than one pet might have noticed a jealous-like behavior in one pet when showering the other with love and attention. The jealous dogs in these situations will often do anything they can to divert their owner's attention towards them. They may bark, howl, act aggressively towards the other object of attention or even go as far as to grab their owner's hand and direct it towards them just as the beautiful and hilarious dog in this video does.

After witnessing something that looks like an extreme act of betrayal from her owner, this Husky desperately tries to redirect the owner's affection from the cat back to her and ensure that she becomes the center of attention and that she gets all the pets and scratches. She gently bites and guides the owner's hand towards herself and lays back to enjoy the attention.

The cat, however, seems quite relaxed and content in this situation, possibly due to having seen this behavior from its friend before. Though this dog exhibits a behavior indicative of jealousy, the question is still whether dogs are actually capable of feeling jealousy in the same way or similar to some degree as we do.

Such questions have been asked by researchers in the field of behavioral sciences who have observed and analyzed the behavior of animals, including dogs, and the emotions that they feel and exhibit. Even though the majority of research has shown that animals are only capable of experiencing basic emotions which do not include jealousy, guilt or other that are beyond the complexity of their thoughts, they can, however, show behavior that is usually associated with those types of emotions.

There is a multitude of videos online showcasing dogs acting jealous after seeing their owner's attention being directed towards someone or something else. This other figure may be another person, another animal or even an inanimate object such as a toy or a doll which may cause them to act in a jealous-like manner.

However, what makes them act this way?

In these situations, it is important to remember that dogs have great observational skills and are able to detect when their owners are interacting with another object instead of them. And, being highly social animals, dogs will always crave attention and affection from their owners with whom they have established a close relationship based on love, trust and loyalty. The object in question does not have to be human or animal but can be any type of item as long as it is the center of the owner's attention.

Therefore, though not as complex as human jealousy, dogs are still capable of observing the situation and interactions around them and experience emotions in accordance to them. Having a strong bond with their owners, dogs will do anything to be on the receiving end of all attention and affection.

The hilariously adorable dog in the video above will not stop until she has successfully directed her owner's hand from the cat towards herself and in these situations, her cuddly appearance is guaranteed to get her all the attention she desires.