Wild Lizard Caught on GoPro Leaping into the Air to Catch a Wasp!

Published June 8, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Wild Lizard caught on a GoPro Camera Leaping into the Air to try and catch a wasp!
My Daughter Saw some movement on holiday in Spain in the bushes so she thought she would set up her GoPro camera in there, well we weren't expecting to catch this. The Lizard Jumps into the air and just misses the wasp, This Reptile must be Hungry! Its funny because me & My Husband were only just discussing whether a Lizard would eat a Wasp, my husband said the wasp would be too quick for them, I guess he was right! Surely the Lizard would get stung badly if he caught it! We are now determined to find out if they actually eat Wasp's next time we are on holiday hopefully we will catch them in action again :-D