Rare Albino Porcupine Munching On Green Grass

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsPorcupines are one of the cutest creatures crawling in the jungles. There are about 12 dozen species of these quill pigs, but this filmmaker found a rare version of this common animal and capture it on camera. Right upon spotting the unusual white animal they realized it is actually an albino porcupine.

It's a very unique experience to witness an albino porcupine in the wild, but this little guy has no problem making himself known. Check out this footage as an albino porcupine wanders around in the green, looking for some food, much to filmmaker’s amusement. In fact, Albinism is common in most animals and it is actually caused by a lack of melanin. Would you keep this lovely porcupine as a pet?

Footage, filmed on May 5, 2018 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, features a radiant white porcupine in its finest. Reportedly, the filmmaker first saw this rare porcupine on their front doorstep with their tiny Yorkshire terrier around midnight. Immediately after spotting the huge albino porcupine, the dog started barking and scared the critter away into the woods. The albino came back the next day to munch on the grass on their front lawn and that is when this curious filmmaker took the video. It is amazing that his eyes were an incredible pink colour, they recall! Amazingly, the critter comes back from time to time and the last time it brought a friend, a regular brown porcupine. Nobody is going to steal this cool guy’s thunder, he is irreplaceable!

This is something I didn't even know was so adorable. A little porcupine strolling around in the green grass, trying to find some food. In addition to that, the little fellow is albino, and a pretty rare one too. Today we discovered that porcupines are adorable little creatures. Cuteness overload!

All of Mother Nature’s creatures are amazing and incredible in their own way, but every once in a while something extraordinary comes out that leaves scientists and laymen with their mouths hanging open in awe. Such is the case with albino individuals spotted in almost every species. It is easy to spot them since these individuals stand out of the rest of their group because of the color of their skin - the critter sported a bright shade of white, leaving the filmmaker in awe!

The chance to spot a porcupine in the wild is spectacular in its own way, but spotting a rare albino individual makes for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity since its incredible skin color invites curious people to snap photos and videos of it instantly, given it is a rare sight of course! Pure beauty!

Albinism is a naturally occurring phenomenon in all of the animal kingdom. Characterized as a lack of pigment, can affect any species of animal, and the results are often striking. However, animals with albinism often face challenges because they can’t camouflage as well, which makes both hunting and evading predators harder.

Given this rare genetic condition is caused by a partial or complete lack of melanin, the pigment, gives hair, skin and eyes no colour, resulting in the whitening effect. A genetic condition characterised by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes is rarely noticed in nature!

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