Vacationer Wins Cruise Ship Karaoke With Crowd-Pleasing Cover Of Journey’s ‘Any Way You Want It’

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Rumble / Cover SongsThey say that if you want to overcome a fear you have, then you should face your fear dead on. Afraid of heights? Climb a tall building. Afraid of speaking in front of a crowd? Sing some karaoke! Well, maybe people don’t actually recommend that, because it may not actually have a good outcome. Still, you develop bravery in the bad times, when you are forced to face your frights.

Still, when it comes to performing in front of a crowd, there aren’t really that many folks that will run at the sight of an open mic night. For some, karaoke means just letting it rip, belting it out as loud as your voice can carry you and worrying about nothing other than tripping on the stage and hurting yourself. Yeah, that would be bad.

But when Andy Streich went on stage to sing his favorite song, Journey's 'Any Way You Want It', he did it exceptionally well. So well, in fact, that he left the audience in a standing ovation during a karaoke superstar contest on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

As soon as the Washington state native was called up on stage by the MC, it was beyond clear why all his friends were super stoked to see their friend perform. When the host asks him: “Please tell me, why you feel you deserve the title of karaoke superstar?”, Andy responds in a very Forrest Gump-ish manner. “It’s not that I feel I deserve it, it’s just that mama always told me that karaoke is like a box of chocolates.”

As soon, as the music started and Andy opened up his vocal box of gold, he channeled the vocal talent of Steve Perry and danced like no one was watching. Although the bar was brimming with people and all eyes were on Andy.

He doesn't just sing. You see, in order to make his performance that much more entertaining, during a break in the singing, he grabs the mic and holds it up like one would an air guitar. That’s right folks, Andy can also play the air guitar! That is why he got the standing ovation!

He ends his performance with a high note, which he holds astoundingly well and finishes it off with a vibrato, leaving us all here is awe. He even channels some more Steve Perry, calling out the crowd “Everybody sing!”. And they do, because who can resist Andy’s charisma?

Speaking of people who love to sing, we just have to tell you of Christina Kokonis-Viggers. Also known as Stina Marie, she gave an impromptu performance at the wholesale warehouse one day, when she spotted a karaoke machine. The video of the singer from Staten Island performing went viral, gaining her instant fame!

Christina decided to have some fun while out shopping with her friend Amanda Lasher, so she grabbed the mic on the machine and belted out “Maybe This Time” from the 1972 musical Cabaret. She later said how this was totally out of character for her, since she saves her singing voice for the stage.


  • AnimalHouseforReal, 1 year ago

    That was surprisingly awesome! Karaoke IS like a box of chocolates!

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  • Sparkygirlie, 1 year ago

    Wow! At first i thought it was the song recording starting the song. Well done.

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