Dog Gets Caught After Making A Huge Mess

Published June 5, 2018 125 Plays

Rumble Dogs are so incredibly brainy creatures! Sometimes I think they are even smarter than we give them credits for. Just take a look at a pup in this video, for example. He knows what happened, but he chooses to play dumb. Plus, he is so hilarious that you absolutely have to check out this video. This adorable dog, named Sam, is caught by his lady owner with a box on his head after making a big mess in a kitchen. Apparently, he first went into the trash bin and took all of the garbage out, and then he treated himself with some crackers on a couch in a living room, before he ended up with his head in the box. But now when he’s confronted with all the evidence, he plays dumb! LOL! He knows he’s guilty, his lady owner knows that too, but he’s not taking the blame. He pretends not to be there at all! LOL!