Cup Stacking Game Gone Wild

Published June 4, 2018 11 Plays

Rumble As a huge fan of challenging party games, I have to say that the one in this video is one of my favorites! It looks so simple and easy, but in fact, it’s more challenging than it seems! It is super competitive, and I just love it! All you need is people who are willing to play and at least 10 cups per player. The rules are pretty simple - first, you build a pyramid of cups and then you have to collapse the pyramid into a single stack of cups. Sounds easy, right? Well, not really, but it’s super fun! Check out this video, and you’ll see how hilarious it can be! It shows two men playing that game at a party. They are doing pretty well while building their pyramids up, but when the time comes to collapse them, one of them finds a much faster way to do it then the rules require! LOL!