Bunny Rabbit Begs like a Dog for Girls Food!

Published June 4, 2018 6 Views

Rumble Tex the Bunny Rabbit Begs For Girls Dinner like a Dog!
Tex The Rex Bunny Rabbit Jumps Up on the Sofa & Begs for Girls Dinner, when she doesn't give him any, he keeps Licking her to try and change her mind! It's like he's saying I'm giving you lots of kisses now you can give me something in return!
Tex is a Rex rabbit, he is a house rabbit as he gets really sore feet if he is on grass for too long! The Vet said he is allergic to grass, I know sounds crazy right! Lol but his feet get so sore that they bleed sometimes so he just has quick runs in the garden, but he always has the run of the house unless we our not in! Tex is at least 9yrs old now he is a rescue bunny and has been with us for 7 and a half years! He is very playful and we othen say its like having a puppy having him as he picks up the kids toys and try's to join in with them playing, he jumps up for cuddles, jumps around like a nutter just like a puppy does & licks us. Please see our other videos of Tex & our other animals on Rumble and YouTube CassieStudios thx for watching 🙂