A Grumpy Cat Doesn’t Want To Play

AFVViralsPublished: June 4, 2018
Published: June 4, 2018

Every cat owner knows how peculiar cats can be! No matter how cute and funny they usually are, when they have a grumpy day, you better stay away from them! They have zero tolerance, even for cute little kids and toddlers who only want to play with them. Check out this video, and you’ll see how intolerant a cat can be! It shows an adorable tot girl who wants to have some fun with her kitten cat. But the kitty doesn’t feel the same. She is lying on a sofa and naps, but when this lovely baby girl tries to get a cat’s attention by screaming, she gets upset and hisses at her! The baby girl runs away to her grandmother and shakes her head no! The grandmother comforts her and says “That’s a bad cat!” But the cat doesn’t really care! She just wants to be left alone! LOL!

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