Baby bird flies into girl's hair and needs saving

Published June 4, 2018 21 Plays $0.01 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsA group of friends were out for dinner on King Street in Toronto. They were on their way to a bar when they saw a fast moving object fly into a girl's hair. At first the group thought it was a moth and then someone else yelled bird and finally someone yelled BAT! After everyone erupted into screams one of the girls bravely went through this stranger's hair and carefully pulled out a frightened baby bird. She carefully cradled the bird in her hands so make sure it didn't fly into oncoming traffic. They tried looking for the nest or signs of the mother to put the baby bird back safely. The bird flew out of her hands at one point and it was clear it didn't know how to fly properly yet and flew into the busy road. After checking that the road was clear, they retrieved the bird from the street to make sure it didn't get run over. Sadly, the group wasn't able to find its home and had to place the bird in a potted plant close to where they saw it fly down from. Hopefully the mother can find her baby bird!