Rescued baby squirrel eats and cuddles for nap

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis poor baby squirrel was found cold, hungry and hairless on a couple's side porch in mid spring. Initially the couple left the baby squirrel to see if his mother would locate it and return it to the nest, but after a few days it became apparent that this baby squirrel had been abandoned by it's mother. We're not sure why this baby squirrel had been abandoned, but it was clear that he needed help. Otherwise it would not survive the cold spring climate.

When the baby squirrel was first found, he was hairless, which made it easy to see that he was quite skinny and needed food and water. It was cold and shaking. Taking the baby squirrel into their home, they began caring for and feeding the squirrel, giving him a warm place to live and grow. Slowly over time, he began to regain his strength.

We can see in this video the baby squirrel is being hand-fed from a syringe and at one point, takes the syringe into his own hands to feed. His little hands are adorable! He has one voracious appetite. After the squirrel has a full belly, he hops down to the blankets below, searches for an opening in the blanket and cuddles in for a well deserved nap. Sweet dreams baby squirrel!

Squirrels can sometimes lose their hair for a number of reasons, such as mange infections brought on by nest mites, fungal infections or it can be inherited from their parents. There is very little we can do to help with this condition. Over time the hair will gradually grow back in the absence of the conditions that caused it.

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