Rescued pig gets belly rubs, enjoys the good life

Published June 3, 2018 2,132 Views $0.19 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsMeeka is one of two beautiful rescued pigs who found their way to a wonderful place called Wagging Tails Pet Retreat in Millbrook, Ontario. The farm is actually a dog and cat boarding facility where Lucy will house animals for vacationing owners. Known for having a soft heart, she has clients from far and wide. But Lucy is just as well known for her soft side for wildlife and farm animals too.

Many abandoned, injured, or special needs animals find their way to Lucy for the kind of love and care that most people cannot provide. Hilton and Meeka are two pigs that were bought as pets by people who believed that they were a tiny breed of pig, suitable for indoor living. But they both grew at an incredible rate and didn't stop. They became full grown at well over 100 pounds with an appetite that was also enormous.

The animals needed rehomed but not to a farm where they would become food. They also weren't suitable for household pets either, despite having become accustomed to life alongside humans.
Lucy agreed to take the pigs and she now treats them like pets who live outside. Lucy adores all her animals and they feel the same about her. They follow her when she enters the barnyard and they love her attention. Meeka leaned on Lucy until she began to scratch her back and belly. She knew that if she rolled over onto her side she would get a full belly rub. Of course, Lucy can't resist and Meeka soaks it all up, grunting and snorting to show that this is pure ecstasy for her.

Lucy has several dogs of her own, cats, horses, donkeys, the two pigs and a few other animals, all of them coming from a home that was no longer suitable for one reason or another. Recently, a family of newborn ducks who had lost their mother was brought to Lucy for her help. She cared for the ducks until she could arrange a ride for them to a bird rehab facility a few hours away.

Lucy's love for all animals, especially the needy ones, is obvious and she is adored by many for her generous nature and warm heart. And of course, she is adored by her farm family too!