Woman Creates Epic Optical Illusions Using Makeup

Published May 31, 2018 2,839 Views $25.91 earned

Rumble / Beauty & FashionMakeup has been around for centuries. It has graced the faces of many a man, both influential and commoner since ancient times. Its use had various meanings, some used it to make them look even more imposing, some used it to scare off their enemies and some even used it to lure their prey. Both men and women slathered their faces with it and wore it proudly.

Makeup is usually used for slightly adjusting the everyday look but some have actually realized its true potential. If you haven’t heard the name Mimi Choi - you’re missing out big time. She’s a makeup artist that isn’t just doing weddings or special events - Mimi takes makeup artistry to the next level. Mimi Choi Makeup Artistry creates this mind-blowing makeup art that will totally leave you baffled. Seriously, how cool is that? She is an extraordinarily talented artist who uses her own face as a canvas to create optical illusions that will twist your face off. These aren’t the kind of masterpieces the average makeup lover will easily DIY at home. For the most part, Mimi uses normal makeup products and tries to stay away from special effects makeup; she wants to really challenge herself - although she does use paintbrushes to help her with the fine details and strokes.

But if you do want to attempt these dizzying faces, you’ll have to do it without Choi’s help. She doesn’t post tutorials, because she doesn’t necessarily start a look with a clear idea of what it might look like. If misplaced eyeballs and twisted-off faces aren’t really your thing, perhaps you should feast your eyes on Choi’s impressive, delicious-looking sushi makeup that she paints on her hands. It’s no illusion - this woman is all talent. Check out more of Choi’s dizzying designs here. Mimi Choi creates makeup optical illusions that are mind-bending pieces of art. Mimi uses makeup to create shadows that give the illusion of the skin popping out, receding, or not even there at all. Her brush and color techniques make skin look like it’s cracking, split into pieces, or completely missing.

Choi creates her mind-blowing work through masterfully understanding perspective, creating three dimensionality on a flat surface. She manipulates makeup like an artist uses his paint and places shadows onto her body to make her skin either pop out or recede back into the body. Before discovering makeup art, Mimi trained as a teacher and worked in a pre-school for three years. After leaving the classroom, she started experimenting with her makeup brushes at home. Her creations are so intricate and detailed that it’s hard to believe it’s not a Photoshopped picture. Her masterpieces are beyond impressive and are sure to make you take a few extra blinks to wrap your head around the illusion.

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