A Young Boy Hits A Prank Golf Ball That Explodes

AFVViralsPublished: May 31, 2018
Published: May 31, 2018

There is nothing funnier and amusing than pulling a good prank on someone you love and really know well. My personal favorites are the family pranks, and I don’t really mind when my parents pull one on me. We all get to laugh together at the end, which is exactly the point of any decent prank. The one in this video is such a great example. It shows a young boy who was pranked his own father. Both of them are passionate golfers, so pulling the prank on a golf course is totally logical. The young boy is standing on a field getting ready to hit the ball. He takes a moment or two before he strikes, but when he does the ball explodes, and he ends up in a cloud of smoke! LOL! But the funniest thing is the fact that the whole prank was filmed in slow motion mood and it’s absolutely hilarious!

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