Adorable Otter Plays With The Human Behind The Glass

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe don’t know about you, but we love going to the zoo! Spending a whole day seeing animals of all kinds is absolutely amazing and like most people, we take photos to make lasting memories! But this guy made an even better memory of his trip to his zoo! He made this adorable video and shared it with us so we can all enjoy it!

Can we take a moment and enjoy this beautiful and amazing otter! Otters are amazing creatures! These adorable aquatic mammals are clever, chatty, and oddly aromatic. We think that they’re really cute, and they’re the first thing that we want to see when we go to the zoo. They are really interesting animals, don't you think? Sea otters live in freshwater and oceans. They live in all areas of the world and that we mention that they are really cute?

This otter in the zoo is hypnotized by this visitor's movements in this heartwarming clip. Otters are the best! The guy moves his hand with a piece of paper on the glass and the otter is so mesmerized by the way this guy moves that the otter can help but to follow his hand! Cuteness overload!

Sea otters have webbed feet and water-repellent fur. Also, they have shorter tails than river otters do! Did you know that sea otters are very clean and after they eat, they go in the water and wash themselves off using their paws and teeth? Isn’t that so lovely?

Sea otters are very smart and cute mammals. We have found out a lot about them that we never knew, but our favorite fact about sea otters is that a grown otters’ fur can contain up to one billion hairs. They can have more hair on themselves than we can, therefore we think that is really interesting. Sea otters really amaze us!

But otters are not just cute and funny animals They also have great impact on community ecology! Sea otters are keystone predators, whose presence has a far-reaching influence on the marine food web by affecting the populations of sea urchins, which indirectly affects the populations of kelp forests and other marine organisms. How cool is that?

We know that you have an otter mania now because of this video, so we are going to treat you with another video with an adorable rescued otter begging for fish!