Horse Makes Hilarious Faces After Sharing Cyclist's Unusual Snack

Published May 29, 2018 6,888 Views $5.25 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsI'm sure you will agree that horses are one of the most majestic and beautiful animals on the planet. Despite the fact that they can easily crush us with their sized and immensely powerful hooves and therefore inspire fear, horses are very tender and beautiful creatures. And they show their tenderness in a wonderful way.

Many people love their horses, take care of them and provide them with a natural life of the highest quality. But they cannot understand how horses communicate their gratitude, affection or even convey their reaction back to people who handle them. Just like a cat that folds on its lap, or a puppy that licks its nose, the horse has ways of saying that they love you.

Blaze is a horse who lives on a beautiful farm near Millbrook, Ontario. His paddock runs along a quiet country road and he spends a lot of his time grazing near the fence and making friends with anyone who goes by. Dave has gotten to know Blaze quite well and he will always stop by with a treat when he is out for a walk or a bike ride.

Blaze loves grass, especially the tender young shoots that grow on the other side of the fence, just out of reach. Dave pulls it out by the handful to feed to his horse buddy, but it's even more fun to bring treats such as apples and carrots. Dave has even tried Blaze with strawberries, lettuce, watermelon, bananas, and spinach. Blaze is very clear on what he prefers and he makes it obvious if he likes something. If he doesn't, he will spit it right out.

Blaze is also very curious about the things that he sees Dave eating or drinking. When Dave was nibbling on some sugar horses that he had brought along on his bike ride as an energy food, Blaze was insistent on trying a few. Figuring they were sweet and nutritious, Dave had no reason to refuse. Blaze gobbled one up and then curled up his lip and showed his teeth. But he didn't spit the date out and he seemed to be asking for another. After four or five dates with the same reaction, Dave wasn't sure if they were a hit or not.

Blaze has a mind of his own though and he can definitely decide if he likes the treats or not. On a recent ride, Dave stood and petted Blaze while he drank apple juice from his water bottle. Of course, Blaze also wanted some of this and he showed that even a horse can drink from a water bottle. Blaze is an adorable and hilarious horse.

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