Over Excited Dog Spins In Circles While Waiting For Her Meal

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLiving with us in mega-cities or in small villages, on the sea, in the desert and even in space or on the North Pole, they march along, leaving 4 paw traces, our friends - dogs. They are glorified in legends since days ancient as being more faithful than people and remain close in perilous times. There are volumes of poems inspired by and devoted to them, monuments erected in their remembrance and the never-fading memories we cherish of growing up with our first dog.

In ancient times, dogs helped our ancestors hunt for mammoth and toothed tigers. Dog teams bare the credit naturalists, geologists and other adventure-seekers ventured into expeditions and conquest of the Arctic and Antarctic. In the world of today, many dogs live a comfortable couch life next to their beloved owners and we are grateful to them for the company. Among other things, people love to show off with their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of top-5 keyword searches on the Internet.

The video shows the hilarious moment when a dog spins in circles in the yard while waiting for her dinner to be served. She looks like she is attempting to catch her tail but she is unable to, and the more she tries the less she succeeds. In reality, she is just one jolly dog who can’t stop the feeling of happiness whenever her owner brings her food. This is one of those dogs who knows hot to appreciate every little thing in the shared life with her human. The dog’s outgoing behavior and the extent to which she enjoys meals, leaves us flabbergasted and reminds us that the beauty in life is in the small things. For this dog, it is the expectation of her meal, and for us it can be a good book, a glass of wine or an art exhibition. No matter the reason, we should always celebrate life.

She spins with such an incredulous speed that if nobody reminds her that it is dinner time, she will go on in circles like a spinning top. She can be seen whirling in excitement before eventually she begins slowing down and comes to a brief stop. It is then when the dog starts wagging her tail anxiously in anticipation of dinner while standing in front of the stairs.