LOL, Dog Show FAIL

Published May 29, 2018 155 Plays

Rumble Obstacle courses are so much fun! If you have never tried this kind of sports activity, you should definitely give it a shot. And if you have a dog, you can also bring your canine friend along! Did you know that obstacle courses for dogs are a thing? If you are unaware of that, you should definitely check out this hilarious video! This clip shows the adventures of a cute dog and his owner on an obstacle course designed for canines. Since the very beginning of the clip, you can see that this cute pooch has some serious skills for overcoming all kinds of obstacles. How amazing is that? Good job, you cute pooch! His owner is leading him through the obstacles, and you can tell that she’s really excited about the dog’s great performance. This woman maybe even gets a little too excited! While she runs from one obstacle to another, she trips and falls. LOL! Totally priceless!