Baby Girl Pulls Toilet Paper Joke On Dad

Published May 29, 2018 219 Plays

Rumble It’s never too early to become a prankster. And the joke that a baby girl from this video pulled on her dad definitely proves that! If you are up for a good laugh, you have to check out this hilarious video! This funny clip tells a story of a playful baby girl named Harper and her father. As the video begins, you can tell that Harper’s dad is sitting on a toilet in a bathroom. He’s probably just finished the number two, and now he’s in a desperate need of some toilet paper. It’s just too bad that the little girl stole a toilet paper roll from the bathroom and she has no intentions of giving it back anytime soon! LOL! You just have to check out her mischievous little smile. This baby girl decides to withhold the toilet paper roll from her dad no matter how many times he begs her to bring it to him! LOL! Totally priceless!