Soldier Feeds Two Hungry Children Dinner At Taco Bell Counter

Published May 28, 2018 266,483 Views $96.30 earned

Rumble Robert recently went to grab dinner at Taco Bell. As he was eating, two boys — ages 9 and 13 — entered the restaurant selling homemade desserts. They were trying to raise money for their local church. As he was eating his meal, Robert noticed the boys were cold and wet. He asked them if they’d eaten dinner yet. What happened next is going viral, and it was all captured on camera by another customer named Jason. To accompany the video he posted on Facebook, Jason wrote: “I was in a Taco Bell tonight when two kids came in trying to sell homemade desserts for money. I overheard a soldier ask the kids if they were hungry and told them to follow him to the counter, he would buy them dinner. This is a wonderful man, very loving thing to do and a great role model, we need more people like him.

Way to go, sir, you are a good man and those two little boys are going to remember you. Awesome! But not entirely surprising. There are good and bad people in every walk of life. Soldiers, police officers, firemen sign up to serve and they serve us in many ways. It’s the bad people and stories that get the attention and that just takes away from the majority that does good things. We are true believers that acts of kindness like this one happen every day around the world. At least we can witness many nowadays on the social media sites - a random act of kindness pop up so often that it only proves that our planet is an amazing place for living where strangers are free to show love every day.

If you liked this video, we bet you would just love when an 8-year-old pleads with mom to help elderly woman up the steps! Maurice was in the car with his mom and sister leaving high school graduation when they saw the woman crossing the road. His mother, Contricia Hill, told Channel 2 Action News that they began talking about the woman, who was crossing the busy road alone, and her son spoke up.

"He asked, 'Can I go out there and help her up the steps?'" Hill said.

And that's exactly what he did. He held the stranger's arm as she slowly took each stair. At the top, she gave him a hug and the two went on their way. Hill said she didn't know anyone was filming the moment, but seeing her son's act of kindness on the internet makes her proud.

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