Little Boy Needs More Practice At Tee Ball

Published May 28, 2018 715 Plays

Rumble Tee ball is such an amazing sport! It’s equally as exciting as baseball, but it’s a lot simpler so that kids can play it. However, even though the rules to tee ball are pretty simple, little kids still get easily confused when they try to follow them. This funny video shows the perfect example of that! As the clip begins, you can see a little boy learning how to hit the ball in tee ball. With a little help from his instructor, he succeeds in that part. But here comes the hilarious part. He runs out to a fielder who caught it and tackles him before he runs to the first base. OMG, how precious is he? During his whole performance, you can hear his mom saying that he really needs a lot more practice! And I second that! LOL! You absolutely have to check out this hilarious video, just for the sake of the mom’s hilarious comments! Totally priceless!