Adorable Little Girl Fails At Hitting A Golf Ball

Published May 28, 2018 321 Plays

Rumble Golf is such an exciting sport. People of ages can have so much fun playing it, that’s for sure! If you are a fan of golf, you’ll find this video adorable! As the clip begins, you can see a little girl having a blast practicing her golf skills with a little help from her dad. She’s got a bucket full of golf balls with her and she’s working on her hitting skills on a driving range. There are a few balls laid out in front of her and she’s hitting them one by one. Or two by two, but that’s all fine. To be honest, this little girl is not half bad at hitting those golf balls! Good job, little one! However, even though she starts off pretty well, this tot girl ends up failing as she tries to hit the last ball laid out. Not only does she swing and miss, she also makes a full circle and ends up falling on the ground! LOL! So funny!