Woman Fails Ninja Warrior Type Obstacle Course

Published May 28, 2018 247 Plays

Rumble If you are up for a good laugh, this video is here just for you! Have you ever trying doing an obstacle course challenge? If you have never tried something like it, you should definitely do it! If you have ever watched the American Ninja Warrior, you’ll know how fun those obstacle courses are! But we are all aware of the fact that they are quite challenging as well! Failing while trying to overcome those Ninja Warrior obstacles is pretty common, but that’s actually one of the best things about it. If you don't agree with me, you have to check out this funny video! As the clip starts, you can see a woman who is really struggling to finish a Ninja Warrior type obstacle course. It almost looks like she’s going to make it, but then, hilarity ensues! She lets go off the rope, bumps into a wall and falls into the water. That’s a glorious fail! So hilarious!