Little Boy Doesn’t Know How To Blow Out A Candle

AFVVirals Published May 25, 2018 72 Plays

Rumble - Birthday celebrations are so exciting! And it’s the little kids that look forward to them the most! There are so many reasons for that, but we can all agree that the main reason for birthday party excitement has to be the delicious birthday cake! OMG! I feel like eating a piece of cake right now! But before all the party guests can dig into that delicious treat, the birthday girl or the birthday boy has to make a wish and blow out all the candles for good luck. But what happens when the person celebrating his or her birthday doesn’t know how to blow out candles just yet? If you thought that no such thing is possible, you just have to check out this funny video! It’s a tot boy’s birthday and it’s time for him to blow out the candle on his little cake. And he would really love to do it, but he just doesn’t know how! Instead of blowing out the candle, he screams at it! LOL! This is absolutely priceless!