Newborn puppies whimper adorably for nap time

Published May 25, 2018 2,127 Views $6.52 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThese puppies are only a few weeks old and they are soft and cuddly as they look! They have been fed and cuddled and now they are ready for a little sleep. Before they get comfortable, they climb on each other and whimper adorably. These puppies are actually part of a litter of eight puppies that were rescued from a northern community where their mother was a stray. She was a very friendly dog, but also very fearful of humans. It took a lot of kindness and some food to gain her trust so that she could lead her rescuers to her hiding spot.

The kind souls who were looking after her could see that she was nursing puppies. When they found her, they were delighted to find eat healthy puppies that she had obviously been caring well for.

The mother, the puppies, and more than 50 other dogs were rounded up and airlifted to communities in southern Ontario where their forever homes waited for them.

Each one of them received veterinary care, vaccinations, food, grooming and a few of them even required surgeries. This massive air lift operation was executed by a huge team of volunteers and members of the veterinary community in Peterborough Ontario. Supplies and time were all donated.

When you look at these beautiful little faces, you can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened without the generosity and kindness of all who were involved. It is a heartwarming indeed to see such an enormous display of compassion and teamwork.