This Cat Hates To Stay Home Alone

Published May 24, 2018 61 Views

Rumble Many people think that having both a dog and a cat at the same time is if not impossible than really challenging. But it doesn’t have to be! Moreover, they can make the best of friends, just like these two in this video! They are so adorable and funny that you should really check it out! This video shows a cat who lives with a bunch of pups, and it seems they all get along pretty well. Her best friend is a small black and white dog, and she really loves to spend time with him. Even when the time comes for the dogs to go for a walk, she takes this cute pup’s leash and pulls him back inside! LOL! She really hates to be left all alone in the house when everyone else goes outside, so she tries to make her best friend stay indoor with her. LOL!

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