Teen Girl Fails At Jumping In The Pool

Published May 24, 2018 668 Plays

Rumble Can you imagine a better way to spend a hot summer day than having lots and lots of fun with your friends by the pool? I most certainly can’t! And the guys from this hilarious video couldn’t agree more! You just have to check out their priceless pool adventures! As the clip begins you can see that a bunch of teen boys and girls are up for some shenanigans by the pool. Yay, bring on the fun! They all want to jump in the water at the same time. How exciting is that? On your marks, get set and go! They run to the edge of the pool a few times but, for whatever reason, each time all the kids come back on their marks. They eventually decide to go for it, but then, hilarity ensues. One of the girls runs to jump in the pool but ends up failing gloriously. Instead of jumping in the pool, she slips and falls in! LOL! So funny!