Playing Card's Impossible Escape From Captivity

Published May 24, 2018 3 Views

Rumble Houdini has endured throughout the years as the world's optimum escapologist for many reasons, not the least of which was his amazing ability to withstand extremes. He devoted much of his time to acclimatizing himself to tolerate and expand limitations which the rest of us accept as normal. However, to today's demonstration. Just as Houdini was able to extricate himself from seemingly impossible situations, a similar feat is duplicated, this time with a chosen playing card. A free choice is made by an audience member, and the card is lost in the deck by shuffling. The whole deck is then tightly wrapped in a hankerchief. By jiggling the package up and down, the magician causes the chosen card to pass through the hankerchief. The remainder of the deck is then removed from the hankerchief and all items are handed out for inspection. The cards and the hankerchief may all be borrowed.